Without the knowledge and know-how to use your equipment, even the best equipment costing thousands of dollars will be wasted.  Laservision World helps you to get the most out of your equipment.  With our Hand-on Training, Laservision World helps you to use your system to its fullest potential.  We also hold seminars and workshops around the year to support volunteers who support many Houses of Worship during Praise and Worship.  We look forward to your interest in our upcoming courses, workshops, and seminars.

Repair & Service

Have problems with your equipment?  From technical support to parts and repairs, Laservision World will service your every question and details.  Laservision World is an Authorized Dealer for over 150 brands, including (...,...,...,...). You can be assured of your service and support will be met, from technical support to parts and repairs.

Product Sales

With 20 years of experience and over 150 authorized dealerships, Laservision World has what you're looking for when you need it.  Unbeatable pricing with unmatched service, we can deliver you the product you need! Saw it but don't know what it is?  Come to Laservision World, where we have numerous products on display, where you can see them up close and try them hands-on before you purchase!


Since 1991, Laservision World has leveraged its knowledge, experience, and know-how with systems design, integration, and installation.  From Commercial to Public and House of Worship space, from the smallest waiting room to the largest Worship Hall and Venues, Laservision World will meet all of your design and installation needs! Not only do we specialize in Audio, Video, and Lighting system and equipment installations, we can also help you reduce unwanted environmental noises with the latest in Acoustic Treatment. With thorough simulation, design, and proper treatment, you can get the best out of your audio system!

System Design

Through years of experience in systems design and simulation, Laservision World can design your audio system to meet all of your needs. From start to finish, we leverage our years of experience in design and installation to exceed your expectation, f2rom item selection to discrete cabling and installation.

Ministry Questionnaire

The first step in System Design is to understand the needs of the users in the performance environment.  Once your needs have been established, we can then leverage our experience and know-how in your system design.  Laservision World has prepared a questionnaire to help you prepare and take the next step in designing the perfect audio system for your ministry.

Ministry Questionnaire Download

What is the configuration for your Worship Hall?

A.     Worship Hall with Long and Narrow Seating Area

B.     Worship Hall with Wide Seating Area and Narrow Stage in the Front

C.    Auditorium Style with no Balcony

D.    Auditorium Style with Balcony

Type A:

For this configuration, a distributed design is ideal.  If the height of your Worship hall exceeds 12 feet, we recommend that you hang your speakers as low as possible.  By lowering your main volume, you can reduce unwanted reverberations and maximize the overall clarity and intelligibility of the speaker.  However, the concentration of your audience may be disrupted due to sound propagation from front to rear.

Type B:

Using LCR (Left, Center, Right Channels), you can fill your Worship Hall with rich, lush audio.  Using the LCR design approach, you can compensate for the “Hole in the Middle” phenomenon present in Stereo (Left and Right Channels only) configuration.  By increasing volume in the Center Channel during speeches, sermons, and testimonals; and Left and Right Channels during Praise, you can create an exciting and moving experience for your entire audience.

Type C:

Using Line Array Speakers, you can design the output of your sound system to fill your worship hall and auditorium evenly from front to the very rear of your auditorium.

Type D:

Line Array Speakers are also recommended for this situation.  However, by reinforcing the sound from the main speakers with Under Balcony Fill Speakers, you can increase the intelligibility and the clarity of your sound system.   Ceiling Speakers with Time Alignment is a cost effective method of deploying such systems.